Lowe's 401(k) Class Action

Reetz v. Lowe’s Companies, Inc. et al.
No. 5:18-cv-075-RJC-DCK (W.D.N.C.)

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Welcome to the Lowe’s 401(k) Plan Litigation Home Page.

A partial Settlement has been reached with Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (“Lowe’s”) and the Administrative Committee of Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (“Administrative Committee”) (collectively, the “Lowe’s Defendants” or “Settling Defendants”) in a class action lawsuit against Lowe’s, the Administrative Committee, and Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting, Inc. (“Aon Hewitt”) (collectively, “Defendants”). The class action lawsuit involves whether or not the Settling Defendants and Aon Hewitt complied with their fiduciary duties under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) with respect to the Lowe’s 401(k) Plan (the “Plan”). The Lowe’s Defendants deny all claims, and nothing in the Settlement is an admission or concession on the Lowe’s Defendants’ part of any fault or liability whatsoever. This website is provided as a service to eligible participants. The information provided is in summary form and is not intended as a complete explanation of your rights. For full and complete information, you are directed to review carefully the Notices.

Aon Hewitt is not a Released Party under the Settlement. A five day bench trial against Aon Hewitt was held between June 28 and July 2, 2021 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Court issued a judgment in Aon Hewitt’s favor on October 12, 2021. Plaintiff Reetz, on behalf of the class, filed notice of appeal on November 9, 2021.